Mystery District

New video from Chosen. Some street for ya, such a variety of awesome spots. These guys are keeping snowboarding fun.


Kyda Skimboards - Insufficient Funds (Full Movie)

Ski season is just starting and most people are dreaming about mountains and powder rather than the beach. However, local Vancouver based company Kyda Creations just released their full length 2011 skim movie for free online. Although im an avid skimmer i sometimes find it tough to watch long skim movies due the lack of trick variety in this growing sport. This was not the case in Insufficient funds, which lasts just over 40 minutes and features progressive riding from some of skimboardings best riders . The movie was mostly filmed in the tidal pools surrounding Van city but also features some sessions on Van. Island and Hornby. If you not familiar with this new company you can check out their other videos on their youtube channel and buy their skimboards and other products at their site. Be on the look out for this local company to do big things in the future

This Is My Winter, Follow Xavier de le Rue Around the Globe

This guy has to be insane, straight lining it down sheets of ice to 'scare himself'. Never the less one of the best freeriders in the world. Think of this when your shredding all that early season ice. Recommend watching it full screen in HD with your speakers LOUD.


Flick Me Friday! The Rascals.

So stoked on this vid! Its one of those videos that reminds you how awesome snowboarding is, and why its so awesome. No energy drink bucks here, no bullshit, just a bunch of grown men acting like kids. Love this one. Drink Water!

Blu & Exile - Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them // Download

So i just got home to Victoria for the christmas break and was greeted by a pleasant surprise. I guess blu finally decided to release the long awaited follow up to classic Below the Heavens. Apparently Blu and Exile recorded this in 09 i have no clue why the released it now, but who's complaining. I haven't had a chance to listen yet and while it will be almost impossible to live up to Below the Heavens i am more than stoked for this early christmas present from your boy blu.

Download Here


Ryan Tiene is Snowboarding, Really.

Family Tree's Ryan Tiene kills pow, jumps and anything put in front of him. Check the Aussie's full part from DC's THIS IS SNOWBOARING, really it is.

TB20 Torstein Horgmo Bonus Footy

Infamous triple corker hits some big mountain powder, props to Torstein on riding some of these crazy lines out

Every Third Thursday! Candy Board

The sweetest episode yet, literally! If you new to Signal's Every Third Thursday check out the best of season 1 here and every episode to date on their vimeo channel.


Miike Snow Devil's Work // Stream & Download

New track from Miike Snow, sounds a little bit like Death Cab for Cutie to me. Never the less another awesome Miike Snow song. Download it here.

Craig Beaulieu and Chris Rasman 13 O'Clock Full Parts

2:07 of this video has to be one of the worst bails i've ever seen. Makes me sick to my stomach, can't believe he hits it again right after, huge props.

I haven't watched 13 O'Clock yet, but from these two parts it looks amazing. Definitely going to have to pick up a copy ASAP.


Girls and Bikes, What's Not to Like?

No description needed. Part 1 of 3...

Isenseven Kaleidoscope Movie Premier // Review

Hamburg Premiere
     Okay so I'm going to be honest, it'll be hard not to be biased in my review of Kaleidoscope. Reason being, the entire isenseven crew showed us an unreal time at their Hamburg premiere. Long story short we had free drinks all night, the movie started at 2:30 in the morning, we ended up leaving around 5am and had to get a train to Amsterdam at 8:30 the next morning. Thanks so much Alex, Julia and the rest of the crew! 

    Anyways on with the review, expect the best style of riding from these european shredheads. Isenseven is easily the best crew out of germany and perhaps all of europe. Every year we expect next level riding from every crew. Iseneven gives us this matched with the best cinematography to date. Every riders intro will leave you mind boggled through creativity. Kaleidoscope is evenly split by pow, park and street riding. Being mostly a fan of powder and big mountain lines, Isenseven never disappoints. Even the park riding is full of style making it stand out amongst most bland park edits. Not to mention the movie is filled with great indie music, after watching Kaleidoscope your be left stoked on snowboarding and left with a long list of music to download. Two things every shredflick should do. Isenseven keeps it real, buy Kaleidoscope here or at board store near you.
Rated 6 out 7 Abominable Snowmen 
Kaleidoscope was directed, filmed and produced by Alex Schiller. THIS GUYYYYYY!

Want more Isenseven? Check the Isenlympics here!